Acebi lifeboat

The tanker version lifeboats are built to withstand the extreme conditions in which they will be operating; they are resistant to extreme heat, oil, moisture and acids / basics. All boats are fitted with European-standard equipment, engines are manufactured by BUKH, and the electrical charging system is by DEFA.



  • Number of persons: 80
  • Overall length: 8.50 m
  • Overall width: 1.20 m
  • Engine power (inboard): Bukh engine
  • Approval: SOLAS/MED
  • Application: seagoing commercial vessels


Acebi is a French company, specialised in marine rescue equipment, ship deck equipment – and more generally, equipment for lifting goods or persons. ACEBI has designed and produced land and marine cranes as well as davits and various items of equipment intended for use in the maritime and offshore environment.